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The Amie Bracelet-Bracelets-PeachPony

The Amie Bracelet

Gold with marble and blue enamel finishings, this vintage bracelet features a lobster claw clasp. We are pretty sure this was Aphrodite’s go to piece for her every day wear! Size: 19 cmsWeight: 19 grams Type: Lobster clasp, link chainMaterial: Resin, Crystal, Zinc Alloy  

$ 16.00 AUD
The Anna Bracelet-Bracelets-PeachPony

The Anna Bracelet

Gold, pink and white pearl charm bracelet with crab claw clasp. Sweet and simple yet nothing actually simple about it. Size: 18 cmWeight: 7.3 gramsType: Immitation pearl, lobster claw claspMaterial: Acrylic, Crystal, Zinc Alloy

$ 16.00 AUD
The Annie Bracelet-Bracelets-PeachPony

The Annie Bracelet

Vintage inspired antique charm bracelet with cubic zirconia, pink and grey gems. Featuring a cute spring ring clasp.  Get heads turning with this statement piece, you’ll be leaving the party with a few sprained necks in your wake. Size: 20 cmWeight: 35 gramsType: Spring ring claspMaterial: Resin, Alloy

$ 18.00 AUD
The Becki Bracelet-Bracelets-PeachPony

The Becki Bracelet

Gold evil eye bangle featuring single imitation pearl ball. This bangle has its eye on you! Or do you have your eye on it? It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Size: 6.7 cm diameterWeight: 9.6 gramsType: BangleMaterial: Acrylic, Crystal, Zinc Alloy, Rhinestone

$ 16.00 AUD
The Boho Bracelet

The Boho Bracelet

Chain: Link ChainSetting: Channel SettingBracelet: Charm BraceletMaterial: Resin, CCB, Crystal, Zinc AlloyWeight: 36 gramsLength: 21 cm

$ 18.00 AUD
The Charlie Bracelet-Bracelets-PeachPony

The Charlie Bracelet

Silver antique crystal cuff bracelet featuring mermaid stone and crystals. Find yourself with this beauty! Nemo and Dory would be lost without theirs. Size: 6.6 cm diameterWeight: 12 gramsType: BangleMaterial: Glass, Zinc Alloy, Crystal

$ 16.00 AUD
The Herta Bracelet-Bracelets-PeachPony

The Herta Bracelet

Antique square link bracelet with horizontal lines and baby blue resin centre. This baby is surely what Lara Croft was looking for in the Temple of Osiris. Weight: 53 gramsType: Link chain with lobster claspMaterial: Resin, Zinc Alloy 

$ 16.00 AUD
The Idella Bracelet-Bracelets-PeachPony

The Idella Bracelet

Golden tassel bangle featuring white pom poms and black fringes. Ideally this would be worn on someone who is a bit of a goddess... oh wait that’s you! Size: 6 cm diameterWeight: 24 gramsType: BangleMaterial: Cotton, Acrylic, Zinc Alloy

$ 18.00 AUD
The Ileen Bracelet-Bracelets-PeachPony

The Ileen Bracelet

Golden love charm bangle featuring imitation pearls in either white or grey and a cute "kiss me" charm. Simple but effective. Effectively keeping it classy! Size: 6.2 cm diameterWeight: 15 gramsType: BangleMaterial: Acrylic, Copper, Zinc Alloy, Imitation Pearl

$ 16.00 AUD
The Jella Bracelet-Bracelets-PeachPony

The Jella Bracelet

Golden chunky chain bracelet featuring the colours of blue, teal and orange. Finished off with a huge shiny stone, includes a tongue clasp.  Keeping the other ladies Jella-ssss with this beauty! Size: 19cm diameterWeight: 36 gramsType: Link chain, invisible tongue claspMaterial: Alloy, Resin

$ 18.00 AUD
The Kasha Bracelet-Bracelets-PeachPony

The Kasha Bracelet

Golden flower cuff bangle with blue or red petal gems and a diamante core. This one will really bring all the boys to the yard! Size: 6.9 cm diameterWeight: 14 gramsType: BangleMaterial: Resin, Crystal, Iron

$ 16.00 AUD
The Meda Bracelet-Bracelets-PeachPony

The Meda Bracelet

A white imitation pearl bracelet with a simple rose gold band. Size: 6.5 cm diameterWeight: 11 gramsType: BangleMaterial: Acrylic, Zinc Alloy, Imitation Pearl

$ 16.00 AUD
The Adriana Earrings

The Adriana Earrings

Two in one! Gold and crystal moon and star earrings. Can’t get better than watching the sun set and seeing the moon high in the sky ready to party the night away... Dream on. Colour: GoldLength: 9cmWeight: 16gType: Stud/PushbackMaterial: Crystal, Tibetan Silver, Zinc Alloy

$ 16.00 AUD
The Alli Earrings-Earrings-PeachPony

The Alli Earrings

Green fringe tassel earrings with rose gold accents and black stone featuring push back studs. Anyone can be fringe worthy with this perfect pair! Colour: Green, Rose Gold, PinkLength: 6.5cmWeight: 16gType: Stud/PushbackMaterial: Resin, Cotton, Zinc Alloy

$ 16.00 AUD
The Alvera Earrings-Earrings-PeachPony

The Alvera Earrings

Gold dangling earrings with statement emerald green stone featuring cubic zirconia push back studs. “Walk like an Egyptian” .. why not add a bangle while you’re at? Colour: GreenLength: 7 x 1.6 cmWeight: 16 gramsType: Drop earringsMaterial: Glass, Zinc Alloy, Crystal

$ 16.00 AUD
The Banjo Earrings-Earrings-PeachPony

The Banjo Earrings

Gold hoop earrings featuring red hearts ~ love love love these! Can wear just as a simple gold hoop or add the hearts for an extra beat in your step! Colour: RedLength: 2.8 x 1cmWeight: 1.5 gramsType: Hoop earringsMaterial: Imitation leather, brass

$ 16.00 AUD
The Celia Earrings-Earrings-PeachPony

The Celia Earrings

Crystal silver or gold lioness earrings. Don’t follow the herd, take pride in yourself! Let us hear you roar! Length: 3.2 x 1.2 cm Weight: 10.5 gramsType: Drop earringsMaterial: Glass, Zinc Alloy

$ 16.00 AUD
The Cinderella Earrings-Earrings-PeachPony

The Cinderella Earrings

Gold with blue fringe and stunning stone surrounded by cubic zirconia featuring push back studs. No need to wait for your fairy godmother to give you a statement piece to stand out from the crowd.. these will do the trick! Length: 8.5 x 1.2 cmWeight: 10 gramsType: Drop earringsMaterial: Resin, Cotton, Zinc Alloy

$ 16.00 AUD
The Colli Earrings-Earrings-PeachPony

The Colli Earrings

Length: 14 cmWeight: 6 gramsType: Drop, Feather earringsMaterial: Imitation Pearl, Feather, Zinc Alloy, Silver stud

$ 16.00 AUD
The Cristin Earrings-Earrings-PeachPony

The Cristin Earrings

Flower leverback earrings featuring colours of peach, pink, green and black. A bouquet of sophistication, independence and sass! Length: 2 x 2cmWeight: 16 gramsType: Drop earringsMaterial: Enamel, Glass, Zinc Alloy

$ 16.00 AUD
The Daniele Earrings-Earrings-PeachPony

The Daniele Earrings

Gold tear drop earrings with imitation pearls and cubic zirconias featuring push back studs. Step back in time to the 1920’s and be as glamorous as the Downton Abbey ladies just without the scandal! Length: 5.4 x 1.8 cmWeight: 17 gramsType: Drop earringsMaterial: Resin, Glass, Zinc Alloy

$ 16.00 AUD
The Denyse Earrings-Earrings-PeachPony

The Denyse Earrings

Gold hook earrings, your choice of blue, pink or multi coloured gems. Wonder no more! These are totally what you’ll find at the end of a rainbow. Length: 1.5 x 4 gramsWeight: 15 gramsType: Stud earringsMaterial: Glass, Zinc Alloy

$ 16.00 AUD
The Donna Earrings-Earrings-PeachPony

The Donna Earrings

Gold hook earrings featuring colourful flowers. A daisy chain of a different kind, the sweet fun kind! Length: 10 x 1.5 cmWeight: 25.6 gramsType: Drop earringsMaterial: Zinc Alloy

$ 16.00 AUD
The Dortha Earrings-Earrings-PeachPony

The Dortha Earrings

Length: 8.5 x 2.3 cmWeight: 16.6 gramsType: Drop earringsMaterial: Zinc Alloy, Synthetic Stone

$ 16.00 AUD
The Adriana Necklace-Necklaces-PeachPony

The Adriana Necklace

Pendant size: 10 cmWeight: 20 gramsMaterial: Crystal, Zinc Alloy

$ 18.00 AUD
The Amiee Necklace-Necklaces-PeachPony

The Amiee Necklace

The Amiee Necklace - Star Pendant Necklace Size: 68 cmWeight: 11 gramsType: PendantMaterial: Glass, Zinc Alloy

$ 16.00 AUD
The Andria Necklace-Necklaces-PeachPony

The Andria Necklace

The Andria Necklace - Imitation Leather Choker Size: 22 cmWeight: 24 gramsType: ChokerMaterial: Imitation Leather, Resin, Crystal, Zinc Alloy

$ 16.00 AUD
The Ava Necklace-Necklaces-PeachPony

The Ava Necklace

The Ava Necklace - Bird Pendant Necklace Size: 78 cmWeight: 25 gramsType: Pendant necklaceMaterial: Acrylic, Zinc Alloy

$ 16.00 AUD
The Beata Necklace-Necklaces-PeachPony

The Beata Necklace

Vintage emerald green velvet choker with gold and crystal accents.  Make others green with envy with this sexy statement piece.But caution... may choke the life out of boring! Size: 31 cmWeight: 22 gramsType: ChokerMaterial: Velvet, Crystal, Zinc Alloy

$ 16.00 AUD
The Brook Necklace-Necklaces-PeachPony

The Brook Necklace

Length: 42 cmWeight: 20 gramsMaterial: Synthetic Stone, Zinc Alloy

$ 16.00 AUD
The Delora Necklace-Necklaces-PeachPony

The Delora Necklace

Length: 40 x 6 cmWeight: 9 gramsMaterial: Zinc Alloy, Glass, Imitation Pearl

$ 16.00 AUD
The Dortha Necklace-Necklaces-PeachPony

The Dortha Necklace

The Dortha Pendant Necklace Necklace Type: Pendant NecklacesPendant Size: 3cmMaterials: Synthetic Stone, Zinc AlloyWeight: 13 gramsLength: 48cm x 6cm

$ 16.00 AUD
The Fern Necklace-Necklaces-PeachPony

The Fern Necklace

Length: 76.5 x 5 cmPendant Size: 3.8 cmWeight: 21 gramsMaterial: Glass, Zinc Alloy

$ 16.00 AUD
The Kaci Necklace-Necklaces-PeachPony

The Kaci Necklace

Length: 40 cmWeight: 46 gramsMaterial: Resin, Glass, Zinc Alloy

$ 16.00 AUD
The Kenisha Necklace-Necklaces-PeachPony

The Kenisha Necklace

Length: 47 cm Weight: 40 gramsMaterial: Glass, Resin, Zinc Alloy

$ 18.00 AUD
The Kisha Necklace-Necklaces-PeachPony

The Kisha Necklace

Length: 33 x 8 cmWeight: 25 gramsType: ChokerMaterial: Ribbon, Glass, Acrylic, Zinc Alloy, Crystal

$ 16.00 AUD